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D.M.J. 1953 – 77

  • Music: Antonín Dvořák, Bohuslav Martinů, Leoš Janáček
  • Choreography and stage direction: Petr Zuska
  • Costumes: Roman Šolc
  • Light design: Petr Zuska
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Number of dancers: 14
  • World premiere: 19. 11. 2004 - National Theatre Brno

Also in repertoire:

Czech National Ballet (2007)
Boston Ballet (2014)

D.M.J. are the initials of the names of three great Czech composers – Dvořák, Martinů and Janáček – whose music is used in the choreography. Yet D.M.J. 1953–1977 is also an epitaph on the grave of a girl who died young …

There are places where we encounter something several times throughout our lives. There are moments when we amalgamate with absolute silence, feel space in our veins, when we sense God standing next to us, when we appear to meet ourselves ….

Such moments may occur high in the mountains, in the middle of a desert, on a cliff lashed by ocean waves, you may experience them in a deserted cemetery, when staring at the inscription on the tombstone of a girl who died young.

Foto: Roman Sejkot, Pavel Hejný